Can the Jaguars defense lead them to a Super Bowl run?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been one of the best stories of the NFL season. They currently sit at 10-5 and have clinched the AFC South title. This will be the first time the Jags make a postseason appearance since 2007, which was also the last season they had double-digit wins. How has Jacksonville been able to turn things around? Defense.… Read More

2016 NFL Draft First Round Mock

This will be my first, and final Mock for the first round of the draft. I also am not going to predict trades in this, as there’s no way of knowing, so I’ll just be going with the order as of Thursday, April 28 at 8am. The top of the draft has been pretty crazy, yet pretty predictable by now.… Read More

2016 NFL Draft Snapshot: Defensive Backs

In an effort to get through all of the positions before the draft, I’ll be just shortly naming some of the prospects to watch in this draft class, as well as some potential sleepers and maybe busts. I wasn’t able to go as far in depth this year as I did last year, but enough to develop a feel for the… Read More

State of the Ravens Address: It’s Time To Rebuild

Last week I wrote this: The gist of the article was basically asking if there was any reason to believe that the Ravens could salvage the season, which I now fully believe that they cannot. After an awful loss to the 49ers, in which they allowed the much maligned Colin Kaepernick to throw for well over 300 yards, Baltimore needs… Read More