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“Humble and Hungry” the theme of this year’s camp

There are two words that are the key to a successful life and a career filled with continuous improvement and growth. Those two words are “Humble” and “Hungry.” Webster’s dictionary defines the word humble as “not arrogant or assertive; reflecting, expressing, or offered in a spirit of deference or submission.” defines the word hungry as “To maintain a strong… Read More

Taking a Closer Look at Manu Ginobili’s Game Winning Shot

The Spurs mounted an improbable comeback in what was a phenomenal game last night against the Golden State Warriors. They survived a 44 point game from Stephen Curry including a 22 point barrage in the 3rd quarter. The Spurs were down by 16 points and went on a run to force overtime. The two sides battled as overtime progressed and… Read More