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With each passing day, more athletes starting to take a stand

Athletes can play a powerful role in the lives of many. Most are looked up to for what they do on a field or court. However, it’s outside those lines that athletes get criticized the most. Athletes have always taken stands and formed their own protests. The likes of Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, the WNBA as well as many others… Read More

The WNBA deserves no credit for rescinding team fines

Sometimes in our great nation, silence is a huge problem. We have glaring issues that need to be dealt with and communication barriers continue to block our pathways to solutions. Things like racism, domestic violence, classism and education discrepancy are all on the list. So when WNBA players around the league take a stand and address a social issue, it… Read More
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Despite fines, Mystics latest team to conduct media blackout

The Washington Mystics hosted the Los Angeles Sparks last night at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. It would be the last night of contests before a month long break for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. The Mystics struggled to find a rhythm last night and couldn’t find an answer to slow down the best team in the league That… Read More