Was Game 4 the last time we’ll see Chris Paul and Blake Griffin as teammates?

Monday night, the Los Angeles Clippers suffered two major injuries during Game 4 of the first round of the playoffs against the Portland Trail Blazers. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin both left the game with injuries. Paul suffered a fractured right hand when he went for a steal against Gerald Henderson. He left the game with 6:07 left in the… Read More

Annual Playoff Busts

Every year you can expect three things – in no specific order – death, taxes and superstar athletes who can’t lead their respective teams to a championship or who always seem to come up short in the postseason. Not every team can win a championship in a given year, as there is only one. With that said, some teams and… Read More

Triple Threat: NBA Midseason Awards

The NBA All-Star Weekend is considered the halfway point of the NBA season. Some teams and players look forward to the break to heal up nagging injuries, step away from the game, and to spend time with family. The All-Stars will continue to play, but not to the highest proportions, being that the All-Star Game is a glorified exhibition game.… Read More

Predicting where LeBron will end up

On Tuesday, LeBron James opted out of the final two years of his contract with the Miami Heat. The news wasn’t completely shocking, but it started circulation across the sports world about whether or not the King would return to South Beach. For as long as LeBron is a free agent, the question will be where will he ultimately end… Read More

Two Sides Of The Coin: Chris Paul

  Chris Paul is either loved by many are hated by a lot. He is a talented player, but he has drawn some undeserved praise for some and not enough love from others. Together Mike Patton and Eddie McDonald share their thoughts on Chris Paul with a new segment called Two Sides Of The Coin. Up first is Mike with… Read More

Los Angeles Clippers vs Oklahoma City Thunder Playoff Preview

After fighting adversity this postseason, the third seeded Los Angeles Clippers unified and beat Golden State in seven games. Now Doc Rivers and company travel to Oklahoma City to square off against battle tested Thunder (2 seed) tonight. OKC bounced the Memphis Grizzlies in seven games as well, to setup this high powered matchup between the two juggernauts. Kevin Durant was slain by the media… Read More

What’s Next For The Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors and their fans faced a demoralizing defeat at the hands of the Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday evening. This loss game at the end of what may have been the most tumultuous series in NBA history on the court and off of it as well. The entire Donald Sterling scenario is one that effected the NBA… Read More

Golden State Warriors find Life Again after a slugfest with the Clippers

Yesterday’s game didn’t really go as we expected. It wasn’t a high throttle scoring barrage coming from each side. Neither point guard really went off or played a spectacular game. The defense from each side was tough, physical and grueling. You’d be sure to come out of the game with a few more bruises and cuts than you had the… Read More

Los Angeles Clippers Survive the first game in Oracle Arena

The Clippers knew that they’d be in for a battle after they throttled the Warriors in game 2 by 40 points. The Warriors put together a simple gameplan that would be easily executed so they wouldn’t tally up 26 turnovers like they did in the previous game. This game came down to the wire. Blake Griffin was huge throghout the… Read More
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