Players that should return to school next year

Almost 95 percent of college athletes want to advance to the NBA, while only about one percent actually make it. Some players have good seasons (or a few games) and think they are league ready. While other are not, but still try their hand at the next level when they aren’t yet ready. Here are a few players (for one reason or another)… Read More

Maryland Basketball blocks Georgetown from second win

It was everything you would expect from a rivalry game. The passion. The pageantry. The…pin? Yup, THE PIN. Maryland (2-0) freshman guard Kevin Huerter sealed an improbable 76-75 comeback-win on Tuesday night when he pinned Georgetown (1-1) freshman Jagan Mosely’s game-winning layup attempt against the glass. Then again, there couldn’t have been a more appropriate ending to a game that… Read More

Melo Trimble Opts to Return For His Junior Year

Just hours before the 11:59 P.M. deadline on Wednesday evening, Melo Trimble decided to withdraw his name from NBA Draft consideration. Guaranteeing a third season in College Park. Trimble, who went through a shooting slump for the better part of his sophomore season, faced questions about his outside shot and decision-making from many scouts and executives. At the combine, he failed to quell those same fears… Read More