2014 World Cup: Group A Preview

The 2014 World Cup is just days away, that being the case it’s only right that we (MMOS) take a look at the impending action. We’re going to go through each group, providing some information on each and every team. Brazil – One of the most successful countries in World Cup History, home of some of the most dynamic playmakers and goal… Read More

Different Directions; Same Goal: US and Mexican Soccer Heading Towards 2014

The US men’s soccer team has reclaimed the throne of premier soccer power in the Northwest part of the globe, riding an 11-game winning streak including a Gold Cup Championship.  The US is currently the cream of the CONCACAF crop.  This coincides with rough waters for the US’s largest rival Mexico, who had previously won the two most recent Confederation… Read More

Closing the Gap? USA vs Mexico

The 25th match in Mexico, 23 losses and one draw in the 75 years of USA playing Mexico, and they finally won it.  Three quarters of a century of frustration is finally over as USA won vs Mexico last night 1-0. Yes the game was just a friendly I do understand this, but this was no normal friendly game.  Beating… Read More