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With each passing day, more athletes starting to take a stand

Athletes can play a powerful role in the lives of many. Most are looked up to for what they do on a field or court. However, it’s outside those lines that athletes get criticized the most. Athletes have always taken stands and formed their own protests. The likes of Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, the WNBA as well as many others… Read More

NFL Draft Snapshot: Defensive Linemen

               In an effort to get through all of the positions before the draft, I’ll be just shortly naming some of the prospects to watch in this draft class, as well as some potential sleepers and maybe busts. This isn’t nearly as in depth as I’d prefer to go, but for the sake of… Read More

Where Does Seattle’s Defense Stack Up All-Time?

The Seattle Seahawks are now the Super Bowl champions. And they can thank their dominating defense for their incredible performance on the big stage. In fact, Seattle’s defense was nasty all year long. They didn’t allow many yards after catch, played physical with receivers and wreaked havoc when rushing the passer. The 43-6 drumming of the Broncos has many thinking… Read More