Weekend chaos shakes up the Playoff Rankings

It was a chaos filled weekend in college football; nothing like in in 31 years.  Not since 1985 where you had the teams ranked two through four drop from the unbeatesn in one afternoon/evening.  Clemson, Michigan and Washington all fell Saturday.  We knew there would be a shake up, but didn’t know how or who.  We had our assumptions and... Read More

Miracle at Michigan…2015

Every so often get one of those, “where were you” moment in time.  Michigan football has been around for over 100 years and the program is the winningest program in college football history. Their stadium is one of the oldest and biggest in college football, if not all of football, pro and college.  So it is fair to say that... Read More

Oregon-Michigan St. looms large as Week 2 of the PAC-12 nears

Week 2 in the Pac-12 teams will be looking to bounce back from some disappointing losses from last week.  And there will be some major significance in the College Football Playoffs implications for the confidence of either Oregon or Michigan State.  The hype leading up to this match-up stems from the comeback game from last season.  East Lansing hasn’t hosted... Read More

College Football Preview: The Top QB’s of 2014

This past college football season, the nation’s attention was pulled from Johnny Football over to Tallahassee as another Freshman sensation, Jameis Winston led his talent-loaded Florida State Seminoles to a National Championship win over Auburn, as well as a Heisman Trophy. Winston becomes draft eligible this upcoming season, and will look to repeat this past season’s feat of bringing another... Read More

General Thoughts

The sports week has definitely been captivating. Let’s start with the action in the NBA. The Los Angeles Lakers had been left for dead by many this year. In fact, plenty of people thought they would not make the playoffs. But thanks to the Utah Jazz stumbling after the All-Star break and the great play of Kobe Bryant, the Lakers are... Read More

A Great Defender

Yesterday at my friend’s house, I witnessed probably one of the greatest interceptions I have ever seen. In a game between Michigan and Michigan State, the quarterback for the Spartans was rolling out of the pocket avoiding pressure and just threw the ball out of bounds. But what happened after he threw the ball out of bounds was a one handed pick by... Read More

Building a Legacy from the Ground Up

There are 119 schools that participate in college football, some more historic than others.  Michigan, Ohio State and Miami have all established a permanent legacy. Teams strive to be mentioned in the same breath as these schools. One team is on the brink of creating a lasting legacy. The Oregon Ducks kick off their 2012-2013 season with high standards and... Read More
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