General Thoughts 

General Thoughts

Another great week of sports has ended and now the storm that is Tim Tebow has hit us once again. The former New York Jets quarterback will be signing with the New England Patriots in hopes of resuming his NFL career. What will be interesting to watch will be how he is incorporated with this team. Many have talked about… Read More

An Efficient Sweeping

The Milwaukee Bucks were on the wrong end of a thorough cleaning, they were quickly swept out of the 1st Round of this year’s Playoffs. Miami beat the Bucks in the same way that they beat most teams in the regular season, efficiently. Miami is now awaiting the winner of the Brooklyn-Chicago Series, not being an extrmely young team this… Read More

Series Update: Bucks-Heat

This series is headed to Milwaukee with the Bucks down 2-0, which makes Game 3 an extremely important one for the Bucks. Miami hasn’t played very good thus far, as Milwaukee has a stingy defense that has disrupted the Heat offense at times. Miami has put together those stretches of “Great” basketball that has allowed them to pull away from… Read More

Playoff Matchups: Milwaukee Bucks vs Miami Heat

The Miami Heat have been waiting for this year’s “Second” Season to begin for a while, they started the year having trouble focusing as they stumbled out of the gate. As the season progressed, Miami started to focus and raised their level of play. Miami found something to hold their attention in February, they went on a 27 game Win… Read More