NFC Divisional Round Preview

Its down to four teams on the NFC side of things as the Dallas Cowboys host Aaron Rodgers and the GreenBay Packers, while the Atlanta Falcons take on the Seattle Seahawks. Both matchups are rematches from the regular season, today is a chance to play for the right to advance to the NFC championship game next Sunday. Seattle Seahawks vs… Read More

An Appreciation for the Brady-Manning Storyline

Photo Credit: Jim Davis, The Boston Globe   Brady-Manning. Manning-Brady. Let’s face it, there was no escaping this theme ahead of Sunday’s AFC Championship game. The nostalgic think pieces were going to dominate the news cycle in spite of the collective eyeroll from those less concerned with the legacies of the respective quarterbacks and more focused on the game itself. The X’s and O’s of Bill Belichick’s gameplan to… Read More
NBA Podcasts 

Episode 2 of “The No Name Podcast”

Episode 2 of “The No Name Podcast” I was joined by Eddie McDonald to speak on Cavs-Warriors, Curry being the best player in the NBA, some finals talk, a small take on Kevin Love trades, and to get a short preview on the NFL playoffs.         Read More