NBA Wizards 

Wizards play offseason aggressor for the first time in years

The Wizards of yesteryear are gone. Garrett Temple, Jared Dudley, Nene, Alan Anderson and Ramon Sessions are all out. But in their place comes Andrew Nicholson, Tomas Satoransky, Ian Mahinmi, Jason Smith and Trey Burke. No, that’s not a murderers row of talent by any standpoint, but it’ll do. For Washington, this was supposed to be the summer of Durant.… Read More

Are the Atlanta Hawks tearing it down?

Since bringing former Cleveland Cavalier’s GM Danny Ferry into the organization, the Hawks have been ultra aggressive. They’ve been a key team in the midst of the beginning of Free Agency and have been considered as possible players in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. The Atlanta Hawks did the impossible and dealt two contracts that were thought to be immovable. They… Read More