King's Court 

King’s Court – The NFL’s Dark Cloud

Welcome back to another edition of King’s Court. After taking a week off to gather my thoughts, I have returned with right words to express how I feel about what is happening in the NFL off the field. Unfortunately for the NFL, there is a black cloud that is currently hanging over the league, with the Ray Rice and Adrian… Read More
NFL Ravens 

Ray Rice Released and Suspended Indefinitely

After months of speculation as to what really happened in an elevator back in February between Ray Rice and his now-wife Janay, the public finally got to see the disturbing footage that was released on Monday morning by As expected, the video sent shockwaves around the country, which led to swift action by the Baltimore Ravens organization and the… Read More
Thoughts of The Day 

Polls of the Day 8/16/14

Thoughts of the Day is back with a little twist, Polls of the Day! I’m offering up my opinions on the ESPN SportsNation Polls and comparing them to what the rest of the country thinks. Plenty of topics, plenty of debate, it’s time for the polls! Q: How would you describe Bud Selig’s legacy as MLB commissioner? Choices: More good than… Read More