Oklahoma City Thunder 2017-18 Season Preview

Losing a former MVP should derail a team for years, get coaches fired, and send a once promising future into a “rebuilding” situation faster than you say “draft picks.” But don’t tell that to the Oklahoma City Thunder. When Kevin Durant darted for a better life in Oakland, Russell Westbrook and the Thunder were left with more questions than answers.… Read More
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5 Winners and Losers of Free agency

This has been one of the most active free agencies in NBA history. We saw star players change addresses and some teams stay surprisingly inactive this summer. Here are the five winners and losers of this years free agency.   Winners Honorable Mention: Philadelphia 76ers When your team seemingly makes all the right moves in free agency, after having a… Read More

Serge Ibaka’s Return gives the Oklahoma City Thunder life

After being declared out for the season by the Thunder, Serge Ibaka returned just two weeks later and only missed two games in total. Ibaka’s calf strain turned out not to be as severe as initially thought. Ibaka told his teammates and his coaches he’d end up playing in this series after all was said and done–it turns out he… Read More