Rams find new home in Los Angeles

There was talk for some time now that at least one NFL franchise would relocate to Los Angeles and the team to do was the St. Louis Rams. The announcement was made Tuesday night after the owners voted on the relocation. The reported final tally was 30-2 in favor of moving the Rams to Inglewood, California. The San Diego Chargers… Read More

Black Monday strikes again in the NFL

Five teams will be looking for new head coaches and/or general managers in the coming weeks as Black Monday is upon us. Black Monday is used to describe the grim day after the regular season comes to and end where coaches and general managers get fired. Five other teams decided to bring back their current head coaches for at least… Read More

Donald tops the list of challenges St. Louis presents Washington

Week 1 had many surprises and story lines, but the Rams victory over the defending NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks must to be at the top of the list. The Redskins have often had trouble with the Rams in recent years. It’s is now evident that these are not the Rams of recent years, this St. Louis team is better. With… Read More