Week 6 Recap: Dominance at the top with one upset to boot

It was another weekend of domination for the top teams in the nation. Still, some of the final scores were down right jaw dropping. Alabama was expected to outmuscle the Razorbacks and continue their run for a playoff bid.  The Buckeyes didn’t let up one bit after in their win over the Hoosiers. Despite Indiana’s resounding win against Michigan State… Read More

Huskies mush to an easy win by dominating the trenches

When you think of the term “bully,” what usually comes to mind?  A person who takes advantage of a seemingly weaker individual, whether it be through self esteem or physical stature to make themselves feel more superior.  It’s fair to look at the Stanford Cardinal offensive line in that light, especially in Pac-12 North play.  They would beat up, step on… Read More
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