James Harden: The Enigma of the NBA

Where did this James Harden come from? We all knew he was good back when he was a super-sub for the Oklahoma City Thunder, but nobody saw this Harden coming. Before we can talk about this year’s James Harden, we have to rewind the clock just three seasons ago when we was carrying his Rockets all the way to the… Read More

Two Sides Of The Coin: The Best Of The Ringless

With Kevin Durant losing another chance at that elusive first title recently, there has been some murmurings pertaining to if he will ever win a title. So, Chuckie and Mike at My Mind On Sports were thinking about who were the greatest players to never win a title. There is obviously a huge list of people, but there are only… Read More
General Thoughts 

General Thoughts

Another great week of sports was capped off by some NBA playoff action. Milwaukee Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings predicted that the Bucks would beat the Heat in six games in their opening-round series. Well, Jennings was a little off in his prediction. The Heat, minus Dwyane Wade for today, defeated the Bucks 88-77 to sweep the Bucks right out of… Read More

General Thoughts

The buzz this weekend hit an all-time high as the NBA playoffs started this weekend. No team was under the microscope heading into the playoffs more than the Lakers. They were missing their star player, Kobe Bryant, due to a torn Achilles’ tendon, and they were also facing a veteran San Antonio Spurs team.  The Lakers came out and were… Read More

NBA Player Rank: 29-21

Here is the next portion of our Player Rankings here at My Mind on Sports. Feel free to comment below!!    29. Rudy Gay  19.0 ppg 2.3apg 6.4rpg PER: 17.85  28. Josh Smith  18.8ppg 3.9apg 9.6rpg PER: 21.14  27. Andre Iguodala  12.4ppg 5.5apg 6.1rpg PER: 17.59  26. Tim Duncan  15.4ppg 2.3apg 9.0rpg PER: 22.60  25. Manu Ginobli  12.9ppg 4.4apg 3.4apg… Read More

Ire or Desire?

Kobe Bryant, in a recent Facebook post, attempted to address a mini controversy (if you can call it that at this point) by explaining his method of leadership and the negative image it brings at times. The origin of the controversy Kobe indirectly spoke to can be found in his comments about his former teammate, Smush Parker. Bryant referred to… Read More

NBA Season Preview: Pacific Division

1. The acquisitions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash give the Lakers the edge they need to become a title favorite. L.A. has more talent than any other team in their division. Howard will create matchup problems for every team. Kobe Bryant and his fellow superstars will benefit from Nash’s superb passing ability. The Lakers failed to make any major… Read More
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