The Patriots Quest for Five

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and the New England Patriots are once again vying for the Lombardi Trophy. A win would be Super Bowl championship number five, placing them second all-time, tying them with the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers. New England is the model of consistency in the NFL over the past decade and a half, the… Read More
NFL Thoughts of The Day 

TOD: Super Bowl XLIX Preview Extravaganza

Thoughts of the Day is back with the Super Bowl XLIX Preview Extravaganza! Time to break down prop bets (just for fun of course), then make the pick! Let’s do it. Prop Bets What color will New England head coach Bill Belichick’s hoodie be on Sunday? Three choices: Blue, gray or red.  The Pick: Go with blue. Belichick says he just… Read More

NFL makes statement on ‘Deflate Gate’

Everyone has heard about the ‘controversy’ surrounding the New England Patriots after their win over the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship game. While there has been so much said from both members of the Colts and Patriots, below is the official statement from the National Football League.   NFL Statement  Our office has been conducting an investigation as to… Read More

Two Sides Of The Coin: The Winner Of Super Bowl 49 Will Be….

Eddie and Mike brought you there AFC Super Bowl Representatives and their NFC Super Bowl Representatives . And now comes the time for them to pick their Super Bowl champion of the teams they selected. Without further ado, here are Eddie and Mike’s prediction for who will be holding the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season. First up… Read More