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NFL Notebook: Week 15

This week’s installment of the notebook will be a bit different. I was only able to watch one game this week, as I was away from home all day Sunday. So this week’s installment will feature some quick hits from what I’ve observed from the highlights, scores and standings. Merry Christmas from me to all of you. Enjoy the time... Read More

NFL Notebook: Week 14

Another week has passes us by in the NFL and that means we are one week closer to crowning fantasy football champions and one step closer to the postseason. A lot of scenarios are still on the table for many teams heading into the final stretch of the season. Which players and teams shined most in Week 14? Here’s my... Read More

NFL Notebook: Week 12

The NFL product has gotten better and better over the past couple of weeks and Week 12 was not different. Playoff races are heating up across the board and more teams are inching closer to the playoffs. There were some fun and exciting games this week in the NFL. Tom Brady wins career game No. 200 With the New England... Read More

NFL Notebook: Week 5

Another week has passes us by in the National Football League. In Week 4, we saw some teams continue to impress in the early goings of this season as well as a vengeful Tom Brady make his season debut. Some teams continued to falter, further hurting their playoff chances. Here is what caught my eye in the week that was... Read More

NFL Notebook: Week 1

Welcome to the very first installment of NFL Notebook, where I will give you my thoughts from what I watched on a week-to-week basis in the NFL. This is just Week 1, but there were some things that really stood out. This does not mean that these trends will continue. The Patriots proved why they are one of the teams... Read More

Week 12’s Impact Players

When watching these games there are certain players that stick out to you and it may be partly due to their animation, but most of the time it’s their dominance that’s attractive. Typically the players that make this list are those that play a significant role in their team’s success. Without these two players this week their individual team’s outcomes... Read More

“Famous” Jameis Winston’s Early Returns are Encouraging

There is always an immense amount of pressure placed on the #1 Overall pick in any NFL Draft to live up to the expectations and lead his team to the promised land. Now seven games is hardly enough to give a definitive answer, but Jameis Winston is starting to live up to some of the hype. There may not have... Read More

Impact Rookies: NFC South

Last, but certainly not least, we get to the NFC South. One of the most upside down divisions in the league. I say that will all respect, as usually the team that finishes at the bottom, will place near the top the next season. This year the 1st overall pick was welcomed into the division, as the Buccaneers picked Jameis... Read More
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