Oakland Was the Final Stop for Trent Richardson in the NFL

The National Football League sees players come and go every single year. Some of those players are Hall of Fame bound, some are pretty good, some are average at best, and then there are some that are just not good or cut out for the league for whatever reason. Trent Richardson fits the last category. Richardson was selected with the… Read More
Thoughts of The Day 

Thoughts of the Day: September 19th

It’s Thursday, there’s football tonight, and tomorrow is Friday. Sounds like an awesome day for Thoughts of the Day! Today’s big discussion topics are Andy Reid’s return to Philadelphia and the Trent Richardson trade. Tonight’s Chiefs-Eagles Thursday Night Football matchup has a lot of hype surrounding it, the most notable storyline being Andy Reid’s return to Lincoln Financial Field. It’s… Read More

NFL Mock Draft 2.0

                     Dre                             Wilson                                    Rob 1.   Luck        QB               Luck            QB                     Luck QB 2. Griffin        QB             Griffin         QB                     Griffin QB 3.  Claiborne    DB           Claiborne  DB                      Kalil OT 4.Richardson    RB         Richardson        RB              Richardson… Read More