NFL Redskins 

Washington must avoid being the cure for Arizona’s struggling offense

Washington is heading into the second game of their three-week road trip against the Arizona Cardinals, a team in which many expected to be battling with Seattle for the crown of the NFC West. Hasn’t quite worked out that way as they are 4-6-1 and struggling to keep pace with their division foes. Arizona has been struggling this year for… Read More

A Revengeful Homecoming?

For those of you that predicted that the Cardinals would lead the NFC West and the Bengals would be 8-1 heading into Week 11,  you were right. Although, I suspect you were in the minority in that prediction. It goes to show you why the NFL is so beloved and unpredictable at the same time. As the old saying goes,… Read More

Brendan Munnerlyn Interview

Brendan Munnerlyn is a very talented cornerback aspiring to be one of the players selected in this year’s NFL Draft. He’s a long, athletic player, fitting the mold of the very much sought after lanky, rangy corners that have been made so popular by the Seattle Seahawks. Brendan’s story is definitely one worth telling, and he is taking nothing for… Read More