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Paul Pierce’s Addition Brings new Hall of Fame perspective to Washington Wizards

“Last one! Let’s go! Last question!” A voice yelled in the background as a media scrum surrounded Washington Wizards’ All-Star point guard John Wall. That voice was the voice of Paul Pierce, a 17-year veteran and surefire hall of famer, calling on his teammate to hurry up so they can get back to business. After media day was through, it... Read More
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Kevin Love’s impact on the Wizards and the rest of the Eastern Conference

The Kevin Love trade to Cleveland became official on Saturday, August 23rd. Love, a three time all-star, was traded to the Cavaliers as part of a three team deal involving the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Cavaliers. In exchange for Love, Cleveland parted ways with their last two number one overall picks to, in essence, cash in on... Read More

The Sting of Lance Stephenson

The Charlotte Hornets have catapulted into the top of a now shaken Eastern Conference. With LeBron James bolting from the palm trees, random showers and sandy beaches of Miami, the conference has essentially been turned upside down. The Miami Heat have fallen from the top spot of the conference down further into the pack while the Cleveland Cavaliers have jumped... Read More
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Kevin Seraphin gets Qualifying Offer From Wizards

The Washington Wizards have formally extended a qualifying offer to Kevin Seraphin. Seraphin, drafted in 2010 along with John Wall, averaged 11 minutes per game last season and only played in 53 games while remaining relatively healthy. It’s interesting that the Wizards have extended a qualifying offer to Seraphin rather than Trevor Booker–who produced in a larger role and occasionally... Read More
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Standing Pat? The Washington Wizards’ Draft and other notes

The reaction on Wizards twitter wasn’t great when the Washington Wizards ended up trading their lone draft pick to the Los Angeles Lakers for cash considerations. The cash fills out the bottom line of the roster. It essentially represents money that doesn’t count for or against the cap, but it gives the Wizards the freedom to spend a bit extra... Read More
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So Where do the Wizards Go From Here?

And just like that, it’s over. No more electrifying John Wall darting down the court after snatching a rebound in midair. No more Bradley Beal stopping on a dime in transition and delivering a corner three point make. No more Nene in the high post. No more Gortat rolling in the lane and laying the ball up from 10 feet... Read More
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John Wall’s Success turns into the Indiana Pacers’ Sorrow

The Wizards were on the brink of elimination last night. They were on the ropes just hoping to fight for one more round. The talk throughout the town was about how the Pacers were on their come-up and how the Wizards reverted to the form that they were in before. They were the inconsistent, malfunctioning team that had no place... Read More
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Wizards collapse in Second half, Lose their Pace & the Game

John Wall and the Washington Wizards caught the attention on a national stage in the first round of the playoffs. They handled the second best defense in the league in the Chicago Bulls very well. They matched up perfectly with size and speed and were able to out them in only five games. But the Indiana Pacers have turned out... Read More
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