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Why are the Cavs not as good as their record suggests? Am I the only one that feels that way….After watching them barely escape the Heat in Miami I wonder are they in store for another failed playoff run? The Heat, outside of D-Wade and sophmore Beasley have no I ask do you win by a botched behind the back pass? If you can’t contain the Wade- Haslem pick and pop how do I believe you can contain Jameer Nelson to Rashad Lewis or Rajon Rondo to Kevin Garnett? On the Miami side of things…they are a couple pieces away from being a real problem in the Eastern Conference. I think if they can somehow get a productive small forward and a halfway decent big man who is taller than 6-10 they can go places this season. Wade already proved to us that he is capable of carrying that franchise on his back…he just needs some more help. Its rumored that they might sign Rudy Gay through free agency as well as Amare Stoudamire instead of being in the Lebron James and Chris Bosh sweepstakes but thats along time from now. What do you think would take the Heat out of mediocrity? Lastly what do the Grizzlies and Thunder have to do to get some love from the networks?? Those rosters include some of the best up and coming players in the NBA…WHY I ask are Kevin Durant, Rudy Gay, Russel Westbrook, OJ Mayo and crew not on TV more? If the Wizards can still get primetime slots at the bottom of the Eastern Conference why cant two teams with winning records and realistic playoff chances get some love??

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