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Watching the combine has got me thinking, why come to the combine if you’re not going to participate. I don’t believe its an accurate assesment watching a player in their Pro Day. For one, it’s in their environment of their choice. You don’t get a real sense of their competitive side as they aren’t competing with any one. Two, for the most part they arent going to know their teamates at mini camp and training camp anyway. So why not just participate in the combine, show everyone what you have in terms of talent and go from there? Today’s the 2nd day of on field drills and its for the offensive skill positions. Of the top 5 reated QB’s only 1 is throwing, that is crazy!!! So teams aren’t really going to know what they’re getting outside of game tape, I think the NFL should make it a requirement to participate in the Combine if you recieve an invite. I don’t belive you should be able to accept the invitation and not fully participate. The only reason that should be okay is if you are injured, at least in my mind there is no other valid reason. Don’t you hate when your team drafts a player based soley on their Pro Day Performance? Wouldn’t you like for your team and their scouts to get more time to access these players? If a player doesn’t go to an All Star game or participate in the combine, all the have is their Pro Day performance. Do you think that’s fair, to the players or the teams?

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