Tiger Woods Apology

I just WALKED away from Sports Center….I never thought that was possible. Tiger Woods owes us NOTHING, Tiger only owes his family contrition and remorse. The rest of the world, NOTHING!!! Why can’t this country accept that a person’s personal life is their personal life, athletes owe us nothing. It should be enough that he is being accountable, he doesn’t even have to do that. We will never live their lives, never know what they go through. Yes we are all human, yet we live in 2 totally different worlds. I think it’s unfair for an athlete to have to answer to the public, us normal people don’t. If you or me were to do what he did no one would care, not one tiny bit. Yes they’re famous, no they are not required to be role models. I am a huge fan of sports, yet my mother got it across very early that you idolize no man. Not to be confused with being a fan, but you do not idolize any man. He is a great golfer, that is his gift he was blessed with. That does not make you a great person or a perfect person. There is no such thing, any person can be a role model and even those people are imperfect. He didn’t ever lead us to believe he was a great person, we don’t even know Tiger Woods. Just the media’s perception of him, an that’s something they created not him. These athletes are blessed with inhuman abilities within their crafts, not inhuman overall. They are as flawed as the rest of us, I wish people would understand that. Outside of his family he owes us nothing, it is not for us to decide his sincerity or lack there of. That is between he and his wife, only the two of them. I heard someone say he was arrogant, I wonder if the person who said that would be as comfortable speaking in front of the world about their personal indiscretions. Tiger needs to be praised for being a man and holding himself accountable. Everyone talking should think before speaking and ask themselves how they would feel if they were in his shoes? There is no such thing as a “humble” athlete, the great players can not be humble for that leads to complacency. If this happened back in the day, it wouldn’t be that serious at all. The media was no where as involved as they are now, these types of things weren’t news. It’s not sports related therefore it’s not our business. Athletes are people, every athlete and or celebrity is not a role model. Parents are role models, these people are to be lauded for their gifts not necessarily their personalities. Whats your take on this? Do you believe athletes are required to be role models, or to be admired for their talents?

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