Who dat dea gon beat dem Saints??

What a game!!!! The New Orleans Saints are the Super Bowl Champs!!! Did anyone other than myself for see this being the result? I originally thought the Jets were going to be the Saint’s opponents in the Super Bowl, but the Jets weren’t ready so the Colts were there instead. The game unfolded like many thought it would. with the Colts storming ahead to a 10 nothing lead. I’m sure all the pundits were ready to call this game in favor of the Colts and their “powerful offense.” Then the 2nd quarter began and the Colt’s nightmare began. After having the ball for most of the 1st quarter, the Colts had the ball just once in the 2nd quarter. The Saints offense that sputtered at the start of the game had come alive. Drew Brees controlled the clock as the Saints went down the field, but they had to settle for a field goal. Then the “genius” that is Sean Payton struck, the Saints went for an onside kick and recovered it. The Saints made Super Bowl history by going for an onside kick before the 4th quarter. Brees drove the Saints down the field again only to by stuffed by the Colts on the 1. The Saints were stopped on 4th down and the Colts got the ball back with a minute and change left to go. The Saints defense made a HUGE stop forcing the Colts to punt, after the gutsy decision to go for it on 4th down the Saints closed the gap with a field goal to end the half. Peyton Manning did more work stretching on the sideline to keep warm than work on the field in the quarter. Going into halftime the Colts were up 10-6, how many of you still thought the Colts were going to prevail?

The Saints were to kick off to begin the 2nd half, and they recovered the onside kick!!! Two onside kicks equals two onside recoveries giving the Saints possesion to begin the half. This half was to be different than the first, Brees was on fire and the Colts defense had no answer. Saints go down and score to get the lead, Manning changed that on the ensuing drive leading the Colts down the field for a TD. On this drive Manning made a magnificent throw on the run over the top of two defenders and dropped the ball into the pocket of Dallas Clark for a huge gain. Leading 17-13, the Colts defense came back onto the field and held the Saints to 3. Saints kicker Garrett Hartley made Super Bowl history being the first kicker to make 3 field goals of 40 plus yards. Remember how Manning and the Colts were supposed to kill the Saints 26th ranked defense? Well they continued to stifle the Colts, the Colts had to settle for a field goal attempt….and missed it!!! Brees took them right down the field for the lead. Payton decided to go for 2, Lance Moore made an unbelievable catch at the goal line that was initially ruled incomplete. The Saints challenged the call and the rule on the field was overturned, 2 point conversion was good!! Manning and the Colts get the ball back with 5 minutes or so left in the game. The announcers( biased in my opinion) were speaking of overtime and what not. The Saints had not given up on their plan to pressure Manning, they stuck with their game plan and this drive would be no different. Up to this point the Saints had not forced any turnovers, Tracy Porter decided to change that by stepping in front of a Manning pass intended for Reggie Wayne. Porter made a great read and got an exceptional jump on the throw and received some down field blocking en route to a touchdown. Saints were up 31-17, and that’s how it ended.

Drew Brees had 7 incompletions, just 7 on his way to tying Tom Brady for the most completions in a Super Bowl with 32. Brees has been performing at a high level like this for some years now. Maybe now people will respect his prowess as an elite quarterback, and start to include him in those conversations regarding the top quarterbacks in the league. Brees has put up similar numbers to those of Brady and Manning, he almost broke Marino’s single season passing record last year. What does he have to do to get the love he deserves? No disrespect to Manning or Brady, but Drew Brees is just as good a quarterback and he proved it on the ultimate stage. Give him his due…please!!! Brees out dueled both Mannings, Brady, Favre and Warner this year. Just counting the postseason he took down 3 of the 5, Drew Brees and the Saints definitely earned their title. So please don’t think that Manning and the Colts lost this game, Brees and the Saints took it from them. The better team won.

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