Why the Heat should stand firm

There’s about 50 minutes left before the NBA Trade Deadline. Miami was trying to get Amare Stoudamire from the Suns for Michael Beasley and a 1st round pick. The Suns as of now have not seemed to keen of that deal, there’s also a rumor of the Heat trying to aqquire Jazz forward Carlos Boozer. I don’t know what Miami sees, but if I were them I would just be patient. Amare has mentioned that he would like to be in Miami, Phoenix doesn’t want to pay him 17.7 milion next year. If he’s not traded, Amare can opt out and the Suns get nothing in return. Here’s a very possible scenario in my mind for Miami, wait for free agency and throw the neccessary amount of money at both Amare and Rudy Gay. Toronto has said Chris Bosh wasn’t getting traded, but no one said he’s definitely resigning to the Raptors. If he chooses to walk (which I think he will) that is another possibility for the Heat, unlike the folks in Cleveland who are beginning to sweat over the decision that Lebron James will make. Miami’s superstar actually wants to be in Miami, so just get the guy some help. The possibilities are endless, Wade is more than capable of playing the 1. If Gay and Stoudamire end up in Miami, Beasley could slide down to the three and a big could be picked up in the draft. Gay is capable of playing the 2, and Stoudamire is capable of playing either the 4 or the 5. With those aquisitions the Heat would be contenders. Let’s not forget Joe Johnson is in line to be a free agent as well, so many things can be done in the offseason. Miami also has 2 top 20 1st round picks, there is no need to panic if a deal does not materialize by 3pm today. Do you think Miami lost out by not completing any trades today?

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