NBA R.O.Y Race….

Tyreke Evans is the most physically imposing point guard in the league, Stepehen Curry has the prettiest jumper second to only Ray Allen, Brandon Jennings put up 55 earlier this season and Marcus Thorton has show us that he shouldn’t have been a 2nd Round pick in last year’s draft. This year’s class of rookies is super talented, and the… Read More

Franchise Decisions…?

Decisions, Decisions. Of the seven teams at the top of the NFL draft, three have an opportunity to select their future franchise quarterback. The Rams, Redskins, and Browns are the three teams that were previously mentioned. Of these three teams, only two are in NEED of a franchise quarterback. The team who I don’t consider as a need in this… Read More

Half Time…Duke vs Baylor

This year’s tournament is maybe the best of this decade, yes the decade. This year’s tournament truly embodies the phrase “March Madness”, it’s not over yet and I still believe the statment made in the previous sentence. It’s halftime of the Duke-Baylor game, and Baylor is up by 3. West Virginia, Michigan St, and Butler round out the rest of… Read More

The D-League

There is a huge misconception about the NBA D-League, it is not a indictment on a players career and or talent to be sent down. It is in fact the NBA equivalent to the minor leagues, in MLB no one criticizes a player for getting sent down. It is seen as a re-assignment and nothing more. When the same happens… Read More