1 and Done Rule

I have despised this rule since the day the NBA made it, I think it hurts kids more than it may help. The reason this came to mind was watching Derek Favors this year, yes college may help a player mature and create a structured environment for them. At the same time it’s not like the athletes go to class for the whole year anyway, due to practice schedules and travel time for games you can’t possibly be in class every day. I was told by my mother that “college” is not for everybody, to which I totally agree. Favors spent his whole freshman year being ignored by the guards on his team and his talent was wasted. All he did was become eligible for the draft, that is probably the reason that Dwight Howard and Amare Stoudamire took a pass on college. They learned more with on the job training, at 6’10 and 246 pounds Favors is not physically challenged. Do you think he couldn’t of provided the same sort of raw spark Amare and Dwight provided for their teams?? Favors reminds me of Amare in Dwight’s frame all while having that same kind of “freakish” athleticism for a man of that stature. I believe the rule was made because of the Jeremy Tylers of the world, for every kid that does make it many more don’t. The league shouldn’t be at fault, I believe every athlete knows if and when there game translates to the next level. If the athlete is not honest enough with themselves to make the right decision so be it. If there is any doubt, spend time at the college level tweaking your game. An example of a young player who made the right decision to go to school is Demarcus Cousins. Cousins has an NBA ready body, but lacked the necessary maturity coming into the year. So I think his choice to go to school was an intelligent one, yet he is not being lauded for it at all. I mean you have players who have to try to “psyche” him out because they can’t compete with him. Jeremy Tyler elected not to go to school aka Brandon Jennings (even though his situation was vastly different) and went overseas, and he didn’t see it through. It was reported last week that he quit and is on his way back to the states. Many players will continue to be forced to go to school or overseas even when it is a detrament to the them, do you believe this rule helps or hurts these young men?

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