71 and Counting

The last time we were talking about them, it was 68 and counting. Well they officially broke their own record and reached 71, If this were a mens college basketball team, it would be all over every paper and sports segment in the country. Instead it’s shrugged off as if it’s no big deal, that is depressing to me. How many teams actually put streaks of this magnitude together? I ran across an article today saying that Tennessee wasn’t an opponent during this streak. That is Pat Summit’s fault, a couple years ago she chose to discontinue the in season battles with UCONN. So that point is moot, 71 games and all by double digits!!! Let that sink in, not one night during 71 consecutive contests did they win by a single digit margin. Every night through all the bumps and bruises that accumulate throughout a season, not once did these women become complacent. That’s the greatest part of all of this, the players want to do it. It’s not the coach pushing for their legacy(Pat Summit), but the players wanting to continue a level of excellence. During the post game interview, Coach Auriemma didn’t even look like he was thinking about the streak. He truly looked like he was focused on the next game, how does this achievement get pushed to the back page? I truly hope that they break the UCLA mens streak of 88, maybe then the public will give them their credit. Unlike mens basketball, their aren’t really super soft padded schedules. Women’s teams actually play the best in their nonconfrence schedule. Don’t you think they get every one’s best shot every night? Not only do they get team’s best shot, they then impose their will on them and make it look easy. How impressive is this current UCONN women’s streak to you?

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  1. not that i think it but just to throw it out there. What do you think of the idea that this streak is BAD for women's college bball? If they keep winning it could cause a lack of interest to a sport that already was struggling for ratings.

  2. I think thats already what people think…lol it might be too late for that after the first 70 win streak

  3. I agree it's not getting the coverage that it should be but in no way even if they win 89 games and break the record set by UCLA it won't be as big. That is a record that will never be broken! U can do shit like that in womens basketball and without a doubt its amazing but its fuckin impossible to do that in mens basketball. UCONN is a powerhouse where the best recruits in the country year in and year out go there and in mens basketball its not the case. Yes u have your UNC where ur goin to have great recruits no matter what but u saw what happened to them this year. Coach K takes kids that aren't the absolute best athletes but very good and with his scheme makes them amazing thats why no one goes to the leauge from duke and preforms with the exception of grant hill and boozer gets it in from time to time. The big east in mens basketball is the closest ur goin to get to the NBA, most will go there after a year or two. Geno said himself this isn't mens basketball and that they would of never even got close to this if it was. John Wooden 88 game winning streak is hands down the most impressive streak in sports and will never be broken in our lifetimes brah. But keep it up I love the blog and the podcasts. As long as u keep writing and speakin ill listen my goodman. Be Easy

  4. Preciate the luv Blake, thanx for reading brah

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