Broken Ankles

This is a short post, but I couldn’t keep this to myself. Did anyone see the highlights from Thursday nights Heat-Magic Game? Well the Magic came back to win, but Matt Barnes didn’t come back from a Dwayne Wade crossover!!! Wade had Barnse 1on1 on the right baseline, gave him a little hesitation,crossed over and then stepped back as Barnes stumbled to the right out of bounds. Wade then fired a pass to a cutting Jermaine Oneal who dunked the ball as the crowd went nuts. I want you all to enjoy this as much as I did, please go to the NBA tab on and check the scores for Thursday March 18. Once their select the Heat-Magic game and click on the highlights tab…then enjoy the show!! I’ve been watching the tournament during the last blog post and it’s the 1st half of the Syracuse-Vermont game, Scoop Jardine just came down on and hit a Vermont player with an unsavory crossover on way to an and 1. The result of that play led me to this post, I usually laugh when it’s a pro player getting used. When it’s a college player I try to wait before laughing or at least there is a little remorse on my part. Either way, I need you all to check both of these incidents out. I don’t want to be the only one enjoying it, if you do check it out let me know how it made you feel whether it’s the victims pain or the culprit’s delight!!!

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