Crazy Start to NFL Off Season

WOW!!! Peppers and Taylor to the Bears….Cromartie to join Revis Island and Gang Green…..Boldin to the Ravens…Dunta Robinson to the Falcons….Van dan Bosh and Burlson to the Lions….Dansby to the Dolphins…Wilfork remains a Patriot….This was just Day 1, it’s only 10 pm, who knows what else can happen before Midnight?? I’m still in shock, the NFL is going to be crazy by the time training camp starts. Man, it might be a new league by Draft Day. Like a 3rd round pick for Antonio Cromartie???!!! I understand everything that happened today, but for the Jets to let go of Lito Shepard only to sign Cromartie is just ludicrous!!!! Just in Antrelle Rolle is a G-Man, LOL(and yes I’m acutally laughing out loud while typing this) the New York Foot Ball Giants now have Antrell Rolle to pair with fellow Miami safety Kenny Phillips!!!! Told you the night wasn’t safe, this is like sensory overload for me (yes I’m a sports junkie), what do you think the acqisition of the day was????

I’m kinda torn with the Cromartie/Rolle move…

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One Thought to “Crazy Start to NFL Off Season”

  1. the biggest shocker of them all. The skins signing no one…

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