Franchise Decisions…?

Decisions, Decisions. Of the seven teams at the top of the NFL draft, three have an opportunity to select their future franchise quarterback. The Rams, Redskins, and Browns are the three teams that were previously mentioned. Of these three teams, only two are in NEED of a franchise quarterback. The team who I don’t consider as a need in this case is the Redskins, they have Jason Campbell and what they NEED to do is get a franchise left tackle to protect him. The Rams are in total rebuilding mode and need a QB to convey hope and proof that they are going in the fight decision. The Browns have just parted ways with their former starting QB’s, Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn. Sam Bradford was graded as the highest rated QB last year, he chose to go back to school for another year and he suffered multiple injuries. Now healthy and finally ready to make the jump to the NFL, Bradford had his Pro-Day to day and absolutely blew everyone away. Bradford is carrying more weight on his frame and looks much stronger, he also has a quick release and is said to be very accurate. The Rams have the 1st overall pick, after what was said above about the level of talent Bradford possesses you would think this to be an easy selection. The problem is Ndamakung Suh and Gerald McCoy, these two behemoths are “freakish” in every sense of the word. The grace and speed in which they move is absurd, for men around 300 pounds they are extremely explosive. On the field they are in short “Disruptive.” Suh has the ability to play either on the interior or exterior of the defensive line with little to no drop off in his level of play. McCoy is able to dominate the line of scrimmage by pushing the pocket in a 4-3 or stuffing the gaps by commanding a double team in a 3-4. The Lions and Buccaneers are the lucky teams in this situation, neither needs a QB and both can benifit from selecting either of the two outstanding defensive lineman. The Redskins could finally improve their subpar defensive line by passing on a QB and selecting a left tackle. Due to Chris Samuels retirement, this is now a NEED!!!! With the depth of Tackles in this years draft, for the Redskins to pass would be a tragedy. What is going to make this year’s draft so important is the level of talent at every position. For example if the Rams go ahead and select Bradford, do the Seahawks or 49ers respond by taking an elite defensive player ? I believe players are going to drop due to the teams who have the top picks needs, you might have the 5th overall rated player drop to 13 or 19!!! It’s almost better to be selecting further down the board in the 1st round, you get the players who drop courtesy of the previous team’s good or bad draft choice. As a fan of the Rams or Redskins, what would you want your team to do?

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