Kansas Go Down!!!

I called this like 2 months ago, “Rock Chalk” go home!!!! They fooled all of you all year long, they couldn’t pull the wool over my eyes, with close games against the likes of Colorado St. and Cornell (No offense to either school). I’ve been saying for a couple years now how accidental that shot Mario Chalmers took against Memphis went in. Please don’t tell me Bill Self called that play for Mr. Chalmers, if Collins had not stumbled Chalmers would have never had the ball. But back to this game, as the so called “Number 1 seed overall” in this year’s bracket how do you go down to Norhern Iowa???? Earlier I was talking about brackets and how they were dying, well they’re offically over we are no just watching to see what happens!!! Thanks for playing I hope all of those in pools didn’t spend too much money because its officially a wrap. Vegas has to be absolutely loving this, not as much as I of course but loving it all the same. I have never ever ever liked a Bill Self Kansas team, let alone the conference they play in. I will try to bring my gloating to an end, and try to find the Kansas fan I guranteed an early oust to so he can take the remains of my boasting. Did any one other than me see this happening, or was it an intense case of wishing or hoping that Kansas would be shown the door? Sherron Collins had a great collegiate career and I hate to see it come to an end for him, but I am loving how early the “best team in college basketball” has exited this year’s tourney. Now that one number 1 seed is down, tell me who the next one to go down in flames will be? I’m nominating Duke….

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2 Thoughts to “Kansas Go Down!!!”

  1. the bad part is Duke, like syracuse & kentucky has looked impressive. Now that they seem to have figured out how to use Zoubek & the plumlee bros inside they could be a tough out.

  2. I agree with you to a degree with Duke, Zoubek and Lance Thomas do alot of work for them inside. I think it's a little too late with the Plumlee Brothers, just don't think they fit Coach K's system. But they are playing well, so can't count them out.

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