The John Wall Dance

Please tell me somebody has seen this in action? ESPN did a piece on it like a month ago, I don’t think it made too much noise and went unnoticed. Kentucky came back to win today and why was Ashley Judd in the stands attempting to do the John Wall dance? This leads me to question not only why she is there, but to ponder if it is a requirement for all Wildcat fans to be able to do set dance? I mean it wasn’t just her doing it, how has this flew under the radar? Most college athletes get cool nicknames, walk that line between lunatic and delusional in terms of intensity(Grevis Vasquez), or get dubbed ” a Diaper Dandy BA-BY” by Dickie V. John Wall has his own dance, can you think of any other college athlete with their own dance???? I urge all of you to you tube the John Wall dance, LOL its actually kind of hot. I hope he keeps it going in the NBA, if anyone has seen the dance prior to this post please tell me what you think of it!!!

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