1st Round Nightmares…

In the Western Conference the playoff picture is pretty clear, in the Eastern Conference it’s still a little murky although we have a pretty good idea. I just watched the Bulls-Celtics game, now watching the Suns-Nuggets game and I still can’t stop thinking about Derrick Rose. Wherever he got that killer midrange game from and killer is an understatment, Rose is a match up nightmare for opposing teams. Rajon Rondo isn’t exactly a bad point guard by any means, he’s pretty darn good!! Rondo couldn’t slow Rose at all, the difference being that Rose can consistently knock down that midrange jumper to keep teams honest and Rondo can’t. The Bulls defended Rondo the way teams used to defend Rose, which is to play him for his jumpshot and you can no longer do so. Now back to this whole nightmare thing, I’m going to share with you the teams I think are hellish match ups in the playoffs in both conferences. The Suns, Mavs, and Thunder are my choices on the Western side of things. In the East I’m going with the Bobcats, Heat, and Bulls. Each of these teams have a collection of talent whether it be individual superstars or the system that can create problems. Nash and Stoudamire for the Suns, the whole cast of characters for the Mavs, and the Durantula and his playmates in OKC. Larry Brown(who isn’t a player) is my sole reason for selecting the Bobcats, then Rose and Wade obviously my choices for stars that can will their teams to victories. What team do you think presents the most problems for a championship contender in either conference???

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