A week away…NFL Draft!!!!

The draft is a week or so away, I really don’t know how to feel about it. As a sports fan I can’t wait, as a 49er fan I’m worried!!! I check McShay and Kiper’s draft boards like 5 times a day to see how they are changing. The 49ers have the 13th and the 17th pick, it has already been established that an offensive lineman ( a tackle) needs to be taken with one of those two picks. The other pick is said to be used to select a QB, specifically Jimmy Clausen. Just when I thought we (the 49ers) had dodged the whole McNabb thing, here this go. No offense Redskins fans who should enjoy what McNabb can do for you provided you select a left tackle with that 4th pick, I like the direction we’ve been going in. I was one of the few who believed in Alex Smith 5 years ago, even after all that has happend in his life and on the field I believe in him. When Shaun Hill went down last year, I might have been the happiest person in the world especially when Alex came on the field and produced. I love the offensive weapons he has around him after not having any when he was drafted 5 years ago. I agree that we need a tackle, I just don’t agree with the QB thing. Why go backwards, ya know? If everything works out in my favor, eric berry or Dez Bryant falls to us at 13 and we get a tackle 4 picks later. If it doesn’t, I’m still okay with a tackle at 13 and Taylor Mays, Rolando McClain, Sergio Kindle, or Earl Thomas at 17. No matter what happens, PLEASE NO QB!!! Does anyone else have a nightmare pick for their team, like the worse possible selection that could potentially set your team back in your eyes?? If so, please share!!

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