Brilliant Transaction!!!

Brandon Marshall is out of Josh McDaniels hair, and Marshall got what Denver wouldn’t give him….the money he deserved for arguably being the league’s best wide recievers. The Broncos got two 2nd round picks (1 this year and 1 next), and the Dolphins got a MONSTER of a wideout. The Dolphins even gave him an extension that made him the highsest paid wide out in the game, so now they get a happy and motivated Brandon Marshall!!! Now the Broncos get a chance to get Dez Bryant in the 1st round or a good WR in the 2nd now that they have 2 second round picks. Unlike some of the previous trades that made absolutley no sense in this offseason, this is a win win for both teams. That is of course if the Broncos end up with a future number 1 wide out, if not the Dolphins won out in this deal. They now have Marshall who is only 26 for the next 5 years, all they need to do is get a WR to stretch the field and Chad Henne, like Mark Sanchez is now handed the keys to an explosive offense. If you were the Broncos, would you have pullled the trigger on this deal or waited out for a number 1 pick during the draft?

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