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I know its only the end of the 2nd and 3rd round but I already am anticipating the start of the NFL season!! I love how they back loaded the schedules, which means the last couple of weeks will be filled with division match ups instead of non-conference games. This way teams will not be as likely to rest their starters (COLTS!!!), which makes the last few games of the season actually MATTER!!! The intelligent drafting continued today as teams filled needs, which caused some high profile players to drop wayyyyy down the draft board. Colt McCoy was a 3rd round pick, the winningest QB in this year’s draft was a 3rd round pick!!! Taylor Mays the inhuman safety prospect from USC slid down to the 49th pick( which was to MY 49ers!!!), Mount Cody fell to the Ravens with the 57th overall pick. The 3rd round will end soon and there are still very productive players left on the boards for the conclusion of the draft tomorrow. A lot of the teams that finished at the bottom last year took advantage of their opportunities and put together “great” draft choices for this year. PARITY, that’s the word of the year for this upcoming NFL season!! Which bottom feeder from last year will make the leap back to normalcy this year??? Which team will make the jump to .500 this year out of the Rams, Lions, and Buccaneers??

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