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As you all know Duke is the National Champion, they held on to beat Butler in a very close game. I wasn’t very fond of the officiating but I will save that for another day. I think that this is the best of the 4 titles that Coach K has won, he coached a heck of a season. This team he won with is exactly the same group that has underperformed their whole collegiate careers. I believe this is the least talented team he has ever won a championship with. They aren’t superior athletes or basketball players period, they don’t play “Duke” basketball for the most part. Coach K accepted this and found ways to play to their strengths and hide all of their deficiencies. The Most Outstanding Player Award should have gone to Coach K, he is the only one on that roster who deserves it. I am not a big Duke fan but I have no problem acknowledging great coaching when I see it. Duke has played boring,efficient, and fundamental basketball all year. Do I think they were even one of the top 20 teams in the country, I answer that with a resounding NO. This was one of the greatest coaching jobs ever and I commend Coach K on what he just accomplished with THAT team. Do you believe it was the players who made this happen, or do you agree with me and think that it was all Coach K?

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  1. Great insight, but I would have to conclude both the players and the coach came through when it counted. And trust me, Duke is my least favorite team in the world and it pains me to say that. While I was pulling for David, Golliath managed to avoid the sling shot by a hair.Go Butler!!!

  2. Pat

    Hey Coach K is a great coach, but if either Haywood or Howard have even a remotely good game Butler wins that shit.

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