Don’t Wish that on me Ricky Bobby!!!

Adam Schefter….I love your work, I am one of your loyal followers on twitter. Please please please and quadruple please stop wishing bad on my franchise and put the McNabb talk to rest. I am sure you are very fond of Donavan and do wish the best for him, but please stop wishing this terrible thing on the 49ers!!! We’ve been quietly rebuilding and I’ve been very happy with the baby steps that have been made in the past years. We have finally put talent around our QB, much like Jason Campbell who has been through 3000 different coordinators and coaches let Alex Smith breathe please!!! He’s not the worst QB in the league, nor is he on track to be (Jamarcus Russell, Jake Delhome). The guy was dealt a terrible hand, having been used I mean “coached” by the great Urban Meyer in college. The franchise was in a rut when he was picked, finally under this new regime has the boat been steadied. Crabtree,Gore, Morgan, and Davis are great pieces that weren’t all there when Alex was drafted. He finally got to enjoy that talent last year after reclaiming his rightful place as the team’s starting QB. Just let the 49ers go out and quietly get a tackle to solidify that line and some help in the secondary. That’s all we (49ers fans) ask, let us quietly continue our climb to respectability. No McNabb!!!! Where do you think McNabb is going to land, other than San Francisco?

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