Heck of a 1st Round!!

I can’t believe how good the first round of the draft went tonight, there weren’t even a handful of picks that were considered a “reach.” The only pick that I was surprised by was the Jaguars taking Tyson Alualu with the 10th pick only because I hadn’t heard of him prior to tonight, not in the combine or mock drafts at least. I thought Dez Bryant was going to fall a LITTLE on the draft board, not down to where the Cowboys were. They have to be happy to have had him available at that point, the Broncos also surprised me by their two first round picks. They selected Deymarious Thomas and Tim Tebow, I understand the need at wide out due to the Brandon Marshall trade but I don’t get the selection of Tebow with 3 QB’s already on the roster. I was proud of the Redskins and Raiders for actually selecting what they need for once instead of neglecting their OBVIOUS needs. As a 49ers fan I couldn’t have asked for more with the selection of not one, but two offensive lineman. I loved the Giants getting Pierre-Paul and thought the Saints were brilliant for taking Patrick Robinson to complement Terry Porter in the secondary. The folks in Buffalo should be going crazy after getting CJ Spiller, if they do indeed keep Marshawn Lynch that is one explosive backfield. I could go on for hours, but I need rest for the 2nd round. Did you approve of your team’s 1st round selections, or are you already regretting the player(s) selected???

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