How do you win every game you play by double digits? How do you coach two not one but two teams to 70 game win streaks( one still currently on one as such)? How do you improve the already superior gifted players? Why doesn’t your team get complacent? What kind of coach does it take to “take it one game at a time” while amidst a 76 game win streak? If there was such a coach, how do they not win Coach of the Year?? Enter Geno Auriemma coach of the UCONN Huskies Womens basketball team, he was also picked to lead the National team in the Worlds Tournament this year. So how does one who achieved these goals get snubbed for the award that he should have earned in when the streak was still in the 50’s? If this were Pat Summit there would be parades in the streets and an award for every 10 games that continued the streak. If it were Tennesee there would be so many “Great” stories about the “mettle” of the kids and how they are never allowed to get complacent by their “Fearless Leader.” It’s Geno, again!! Well get over it, I don’t care what kind of person he is or is perceived to be by his peers or the media. Numbers speak louder than any other voice when it comes to coaching!!! Is he a winner? Check!!! Does he help the players that set foot on his campus improve? Check!! Has he led a team to a title? Check!!! How much longer do I have to go on for everyone to see that this man just got ROBBED!!! Connie Yori, and I’m sure she’s a good coach in her own right can’t hold a finger to the silhouette of Geno!! Yes I said silhouette!! Not only did she win an award that should have never even been a race for, she won by 18?? If this were men’s basketball there would be an outrage. Since it’s womens and it happens to be Geno it’s no big deal, that absolutely absurd!!! Am I the only one who thinks this is an insult to a great season, someone goes undefeated for 70 plus games and this is how they are rewarded? Please tell me how….????

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