Myron Rolle Update…

Maybe a month ago, at the end of the of a Combine Podcast I mentioned my sleepers for this year’s draft. One of them was Myron Rolle, a former FSU safety who became a Rhodes Scholar(I’m sure you’ve all heard the stories). He attended the combine and didn’t do that well according to all of the draft experts. Well guess who improved his times at his Pro-Day and looks more like a late round steal?? Myron dropped his 40 time from a 4.76 to 4.54, yeah so all those rumors about his bad foot speed should go to rest now. His short shuttle and three cone drill numbers dropped signifigantly as well, that means a team is getting an athletic, intelligent, physical safety instead of the slow footed,out of shape, unmotivated saftey. I mean if you hear that someone was away from a sport and didn’t give them the propper amount of time to adjust, how in the world can you accurtely assess them?? Well I just wanted to let everyone know that the rumors and early indictments were wrong, he went to FSU as one of the top 10 highschool football players in this country!!! You do not loose all of that talent, maybe you come back rusty and a little out of shape. I think he’s going to be what most FSU players are in the NFL, very SUCCESFUL!!

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