Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Every round that goes by, the Buccaneers get better and better talent. Its currently the 5th round, and the Bucs already have a “GREAT” draft class. They could stop now and go into training camp with what they got in 4 rounds and be excited for the future. Not only did they get one of the two monsters at defensive tackle with the selection of Gerald McCoy, they also got Brian Price to pair with him at defensive tackle to solidify that line for years to come. Josh Freeman the QB of the future they selected last year, has to be the happiest person in the organization!! The Bucs went out and surrounded the young QB with not one but TWO big physical wide outs, Arrelious Benn and Mike Williams. They already run the ball well, so now they get two monsters at wideout to accelerate Freeman’s development. They also got a corner to pair opposite Aquib Talib, Myron Lewis might supplant fan favorite Ronde Barber in the secondary. The Bucs are on the move, I’m not a Bucs fan and what they did so far in this draft has me going nuts!! Do you think the Bucs are going to have a winning record this year, or are they a year or two away from being a player in the NFC South??

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