They Are Who We Thought They Were!!

U-CONN BAS-KET-BALLLL!!!! My girls did it again, as the defending champions they succeeded in their title defense. Back to back titles gives Geno his 7th title in his tenure at Uconn! The man that no one likes delivered again in the big game to keep his record sparkling clean at 7-0. Tina Charles, Maya Moore and the rest of the group overcame a sluggish 1st half and a tough Stanford team to defend their title and repeat as champions. Most of the post and pre game articles were about which Uconn title team was the best, I honestly don’t think you can compare them. The only reason I believe that is every year they have won the rest of the country gets better. Believe it or not, Uconn is just that good!!! If you take Uconn out the picture, Stanford is the best team in the country. I also saw the piece at halftime about Tara Vandeveer giving advice to Geno about coaching the Olympic team, that almost had me in stitches( not literally, i was laughing). If 90% of the Olympic team’s roster is Uconn graduates, who better than Geno knows their strengths and weaknesses?? Anyways, back to the perfect season these young woman just completed. If I had to pick, I think the Diana Taurasi led title team was the best, only because they weren’t nearly as stacked as the rest. They only went as far as Diana carried them, this years team was loaded. I know Tina and Maya get all the love, but the rest of the team could start for other teams in the country and not only start but STAR on other teams. What Geno has done is remarkable and I hope his peers would see it the same way. Did anyone else see the most fake handshake in sports when the game was over between Tara and Geno? Tara never even looked up until she got to the assistant coaches, that is uncalled for. You don’t have to like Geno or the team, but please respect their achievements. I don’t think next year is going to be a perfect season, but I do expect Maya to be the MOP on the best team in the country again. Let’s go 3-peat, or am I taking it toooo far???

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