With the 38th Pick in the 6th Round….

The Tennessee Titans select Myron Rolle, safety from Florida State University!!! Kudos to Jeff Fisher and the Titans organization for not letting this kid go undrafted and ending his misery. The NCAA says they want “well rounded people” that are not only good athletes but good students. So why does a Rhodes Scholar get drafted in the 6th Round?? When he came out of highschool in 2006 he was the highest rated player in the COUNTRY!!! He went to FSU, again he was the highest rated player in the country and he chose FSU. He didn’t have the greatest college career, but in no ways was it the worst. I can think of more than a few players from FSU who got drafted higher than he did that weren’t as smart or as athletic as he was, they got drafted because they went to FSU. Let’s be real, if a bench or role player from a percieved football factory enters the draft they will get looked at higher than a productive starter at a mid major or Division 2 prospect. Myron started all 3 years at FSU, he had a very good pro day and the best he could do was the 6th round? There were many players in this draft without his football pedigree that were drafted higher only because they didn’t have a percieved “alterior motive.” Rolle’s “alterior motive” being his other passion to be a Neurosurgeon as well as an NFL player. The only problem I believe Rolle has is unlike a Earl Thomas or Eric Berry he’s not the type of safety that can come down and cover a slot WR in man coverage, unless I’m crazy most safeties in the league have that problem. That’s what makes guys like Berry and Thomas so coveted, I think Rolle is the perfect complement to the super athletic Michael Griffin in Tennessee. Rolle should be the successor to former FSU safety and current Titans safety Chris Hope. Do you think that Myron Rolle was punished aka blackballed by the NFL and their scouts?? Or is the 6th round where he truly belongs?? Food for thought, during the combine interviews Rolle was asked why he “deserted” his teamates to go study in Oxford, seriously with all of the off field issues athletes have today this kid is being dumped on for going to further his education???

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