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I was on yesterday like I am almost every dat for at least half of the day and on the front page of the NBA page was an article called “Where you at, STAT?” Well that answer was answered loudly yesterday by a performance of 42 points and 11 rebounds!! Amare was everything he wasn’t for the first 2 games, HIMSELF!! The best part of yesterday’s game was when the Suns went with a zone and the Lakers really struggled with it, that was a great call by Alvin Gentry. Back to Amare, after being the target of many people’s jokes and sarcastic remarks Amare was extra aggressive last night and pretty much unguardable. Robin Lopez also chipped in with 20 points, the Suns at least did what Orlando didn’t do….FIGHT BACK!! I’m not officially declaring this a real series again, but at least it’s not going to be a sweep. Now if the Suns can defend home court and go back to L.A with the series tied I will definitely be looking at this series as a possible 7 game ordeal. I was just happy one of the series was actually going to be competitive, Orlando I’m already accepting that tonight’s game will and should be your last!! What did you think of the Suns win, was it a sign that they are going to make this a series??? Or was it just one game where a superstar delivers one time much like Miami getting their 1 win in the Boston series??

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