Chris Bosh Ring Shopping???

So it has been reported that Chris Bosh gave the Raptors a list of teams that he’d like to go to should he choose to leave. I guess he and the Raptors have decided that should he leave it will be via sign and trade(That also means Bosh gets more money lol). So what are the teams you ask?? The Raptors should he stay(that is the funniest of the bunch), the Bulls, Heat, Knicks, and last on the list……drum roll please…..THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS!!!! The teams on this list somehow corolate with another big time free agent’s list….yup LBJ aka LeBron(except for the Lakers)!! So what I took from this is the Raptors have made Chris Bosh soooo upset that he doesn’t want to do anything but play with players with equal or greater talent than himself, Bosh is pretty much saying he wants to be someone’s “Robin” and he doesn’t want any part of being “Batman.” Furthermore this discovery makes me laugh at all of the analysts and experts who said teams wouldn’t be able to get more than 1 of these “max” players, like I have been saying winning and a legacy trumps money for most of these guys that are free agents. They are marketable and are going to make their money, so what else matters after the money…WINNING!!! The only one of these big time free agents that has experienced success in the postseason is Dwade and that is why he is the only one I believe is truly cemented in place. Why should he leave, these other guys need what he’s already experienced and what better way than to go play with him so he can help you (LeBron, Bosh, Stoudamire, J.Johnson) achieve what he’s already tasted, an NBA Championship??? I digress, what do you think of Mr. Bosh’s wishlist??? I think its the kind of talk that can really swing power for the next 5 or 6 years in the league, I can’t wait until July 1st!!!

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