Magic not going down without a Fight!!

Last night was a horrible night for the Celtics, they lost again to the Magic and 3 players were injured in the game. Big Baby and Marquise Daniels both got concussions and Sheed tweaked his back. Everyone who has been watching this series is probably looking at Dwight Howard’s stellar play as the reason that the Magic are back in this series. I on the other hand would like you all to look at it from a different perspective. What are the two most important positions on a basketball team?? I obviously can’t hear your answer but if you said the point guard and the center you are correct. As I mentioned before everyone has been praising Dwight for his play, yet no one is even thinking about the key to the Magic and the series. JAMEER NELSON!!!! Jameer has hijacked this series starting in Game 4, Nelson is an unselfish pass first point guard and I think people tend to forget he can really score the basketball. Unlike Rondo (who is a heck of a point guard in his own right), Nelson can shoot and shoot well and deep. Nelson has been able to get into the lane and attack the core of the Celtic’s defense which they did a good job keeping him out of the lane in the first 3 games. Nelson has thoroughly outplayed Rondo in the last two games and has put the Magic on his back!!! What boggles my mind is how analysts and experts are pointing to Rashad Lewis and J.J Reddick, they have both done a good job in the last two games but they are definitely overlooking Nelson’s contributions. All I ask is that the next Magic-Celtics game you take a look at what Jameer is doing and ask yourself is he getting shafted in terms of recognition??

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