Roy Oswalt asks for a trade??

Roy Oswalt has said that he is willing to waive his no-trade clause, that is a deafaning blow to the sputtering Houston Astros. They already have claimed the league’s worst record this season, having your best player ready to jump ship really doesn’t make matters better. The reason I am bringing this to your attention is that when small things like this happen, nobody pays too much attention to it until it is resolved and it results in a trade. Then people are in awe as to why a very talented player ends up getting traded to a very good team and the team he was on doesn’t get market value. I was having a discussion with one of my friends the other day about how the Evil Yankees(My Evil Yankees) conduct business, and what makes them successful is that they prey on bad teams, or any team’s bad situations or falling out with their best players. That is when they swoop in and give you below market value and enough money for you to get over it and make the deal, by no means am I saying that Oswalt will in fact be traded and if that is the case by no means am I saying he is going to be wearing pinstripes. At the same time let me be the first to present this situation to you, so if and when a deal is completed in the near future that this blog post is in the back of your mind. Just remember that you heard about this first here, from me, a Yankee Fan. I urge the management of the Astros to not grant Oswalt his trade, well not that, but to at least make sure they don’t settle for a bag or bags of money and a below market value deal. The reason why…..Oswalt has the talent to go be a key cog if not an ace in a contender’s rotation!!! What do you think the Astros are going to do???

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  1. I hope he goes to the NYY's. Just another pitcher that can't hang in the AL East, like Vazquez. I'd prefer he go to the Nationals, but they would have to give up way too much.

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